• I Refuse
  • I Feel
  • Before My Brain Shuts Early
  • okaasan
  • aoi helios
  • WOLF
  • The Lie Defector
  • existing angel
  • your sky, my name
  • Tengoku

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the halos and goodvibes.

  • release date: 18.10.2018
  • number of tracks: 10
  • genre: alternative rock
  • duration: 39 minutes
  • special thanks to: ikanaide (@ikanaide_music) - mastering engineer, mixer and guitarist on track #9, best italian gourmet chef / shiwoiru - lyricist for track #6, fellow yukari-chan fangirl

this be my first Vocaloid album. it's got a lot of songs i've written since 2016, as well as some unreleased tracks, now rearranged and remastered to the best of our abilities. you can hear a lot of rock styles in this record, i hope you'll enjoy the vibes!

click on any of the tracks outside the play/pause button to get the lyrics.